Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process work?

Great question!  There are actually several ways to design your wedding shoes with Ellie Wren.  Here they are!

  • Buy An Existing Design.  We mostly customize our shoes for each bride, but if you see something you like just the way it is, you can purchase it through our website directly.  Please note – even when you buy an existing design, Ellie Wren will still create the shoe according to your order, starting with a plain white base shoe.  Because of the custom nature of the design, we do recommend reviewing our return and cancellation policies as well as familiarizing yourself with The Perfect Fit.
  • An Inspired Design.  If you like a shoe shown on our website, but want to make some changes to it, then send us an email through the “Custom Design This Shoe” form.  You can change the base shoe style, the color, the adornments.  The inspiration shoe just serves as a starting point for your design.
  • Custom Design.   If you want to start from scratch and pick all of your elements, then our Design tab is the way to go.  You can pick as many elements as you want and this will serve as a conversation starter with one of our designers who will work with you to refine the details. This option allows you to pick from our existing base shoe styles and colors.
How much is it to custom design my own wedding shoes?

Pricing for this category varies greatly depending on the elements that you’d like incorporated in your shoes.  Please also note that the pricing does include all of our communication — from the design process to progress emails along the way in which we send you photos of your shoes so that you can see how they’re coming together.  Pricing generally starts around $150  and ranges up to $1,200 (if you love Swarovski crystals!) + shipping.  Most brides spend around $250-$300 for their shoes.  We are happy to work on a quote with you so that you have some idea of what your shoes will cost before you get too far into the design process (start designing here).  Please note that if you’re on a Budget, we do have a “Bride on Budget” section in our Boutique with pricing under $200 per pair.

How long does it take to make my custom wedding shoes? How will they be shipped?

All wedding shoes and accessories are made to specification. Shipping times vary based on the complexity of design, but generally are as follows: Shoes and accessories priced at $125 or less: 3 weeks Shoes and accessories priced between $126 – $250: 4-6 weeks Shoes and accessories priced $251+: 6-8 weeks For rush orders (any need by date that is prior to completion time listed about), there is an additional fee. The fee for rush orders is $25 for orders of $200 or less and $50 for orders of $200 or more. We do ship all shoes and other items USPS Priority Mail. It is trackable.  If you would like your shoes shipped by a different method or with additional insurance, please just ask.  We do offer additional insurance coverage against lost packages only for $50.  We will replace your shoes should they become lost in the mail.  Please note that this does not include packages marked as “delivered” in our carriers’ tracking system or packages where delivery is attempted but not possible because of typographical errors in the address given, or because of signature requirements, etc.  **Some countries impose duties upon delivery. Buyer shall be responsible for all duties and applicable taxes.

What is your return policy?

All custom items are made in accordance with your specifications at the time of order.  This includes any shoes or accessories that you see on our website that you want to buy as-is.  As a result, we DO NOT accept cancellations, exchanges or returns of orders. If you are concerned about the fit of your shoes, we recommend participating in The Perfect Fit.  If you’d like to see your design before it’s created, we have our Sketch option.


I've heard about your The Perfect Fit program. How do I participate?

The Perfect Fit program enables you to try on your shoes before we do the custom work.  They will arrive in white and unadorned.  To learn more about the process and the cost, click here.  We can also send you swatches and samples of the materials that we will use for your shoes (satin, lace, pearls, rhinestones, feathers, etc.).

I have a hard time picturing my wedding shoe design. Do you create sketches or send swatches?

We totally understand and there’s generally a few ways that we address this:

  1. If you’re ordering from our Boutique, it’s pretty easy as we’re able to send you swatches of the colors and materials that we will use (there is an $8.00 charge for this) and then you can see various images of the shoes on our website.
  2. If  you’re wanting to design your own custom wedding shoes and are having trouble picturing them, we can send you images of shoes that we have done with each of the elements you’re considering.  This service is free of charge and it works for lots of brides.  To get started designing your custom wedding shoes, visit our Design page.
  3. If you’d like us to, we can also create a sketch for you and include swatches of the materials that we will use.  There is a fee for this service and it takes about 1 week to complete your sketch.  You can learn more about sketches here.  To get started designing your custom wedding shoes, visit our Design page.
What do you use for your base shoes?

We use a variety of stock base shoe styles for our custom designs.  We have partnered with Paradox London, Benjamin Walk and Christy NG to purchase these shoes.  We do also have our own line and use that most frequently in our “super custom” design options.  Using existing base shoes enables us to offer a very wide variety of styles, sizes and widths that we would not otherwise be able to offer.

I'm a bridal store and I'd love to carry your designs. Where can I get more information?

We’d love to work with you as well!  We’ve found that bridal salons struggle to carry any sort of inventory when it comes to custom shoes and so we do not work on a wholesale basis.  However, if you’re interested in connecting us with your brides on a commission basis, we’d love to all work together to create custom shoes for your brides! Please see our Partner page to get started.

How do I care for my custom wedding shoes?

Our custom items are often elaborate designs, and much like your wedding dress, they are intended to make their debut on your wedding day.  When you are not wearing them for fittings or portraits, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place.  As with all dyeable satin you should take care not to get them wet.  Dyeable satin is not colorfast.  With dark dye colors (such as blue, purple and red) you may experience some “rub” when you first wear the shoes.  This is normal and will rinse off with some soap and water.  We do offer water resistant coating for all of our items, but especially recommend it for brides ordering darker colored shoes — deep reds, blues and purples.  There is a $15 fee for applying this coating.

Do you accommodate international orders?

Yes, we do!  We’ve shipped shoes all over the world.  Unless you request otherwise, we will mail your shoes UPS Mail Innovations.  This delivery method takes about two weeks.  We do have faster options as well as we can quote you for those upon request.

I'd like an exact color match for my wedding shoes. Can I send you a photo?

We don’t guarantee an exact color match from a computer image.  There are just too many issues with variety among monitors.  We can, however, work with a swatch that you send us or we can send you swatches that we have (to order swatches, please click here  or just ask us when you submit your custom inquiry). Please note that all shoes are dyed to match in indoor lighting; you might notice your shoes taking on a slightly different hue outside.

I live in a country other than the United States. Will I have to pay duties or taxes when my shoes arrive?

We have found that brides in the some international destinations are required to pay duties to release the shoes from customs.  We do consider this a buyer responsibility.

I ordered my shoes from you, but I just changed my mind and I want to modify a few things. Can I do that?

We can do minor adjustments to shoes based on the photos without a charge, but if you request substantial changes from your original request (i.e. you decide that you want orange flowers instead of ivory), we do have a 25% redesign fee that will apply.   We cannot change the base color of the shoe or the sizing after the order is placed without charging the 25% redesign fee.

I'm an international bride? How do I convert the sizing?

All of our shoes are ordered in U.S. sizing.  We have a sizing chart posted here that we have found works very well.  Please note that for Australian brides, we can only work with your EU sizing as we have had many issues with the conversion that we use from Autralian sizing to U.S. sizing.

How do I measure the heel height or the shoe width?

We measure from the inside of the heel, like the photo shown here.